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About Us

Latte Design is my dream come true. Some years ago I designed some prints for my own kitchen which were a big success among my friends. That was the moment the little seed of Latte Design was planted, the moment I started to realise that other people might like my designs for decorating their homes.

Thousands of orders later, I steel feel blessed for every order and I cannot thank more every person who decides to decor their homes with my prints or my homewares.

My background is mixed because it’s the product of a long journey till I finally found the job that truly fills me with joy everyday. I hold degrees in Publicity, Marketing, Plastic Arts and Design. But since more than a decade I can define myself as a graphic designer.

I have a passion for clean graphics, vintage typography, mid-century design and inspirational quotes. I carefully choose what truly inspires me and turn it into special prints and homewares for you.

All my products are carefully designed by me with a near-obsessive attention to detail. I take great care and pride in producing items of the highest quality possible, using the best quality papers, inks and fabrics.

I’m currently working to develop a gorgeous, yet affordable, range of beautifully designed tote bags and t-shirts that no women’s wardrobe should be without!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about my work or about what I can design for you. Thank you for visiting my shop!


Amalia Lopez